Economic Sector: Water Resources Management

The EU Policy Priorities

EU development policy promotes an integrated framework for water resource management, applying a range of widely tested approaches to water and sanitation services. The EU water management policy has three priorities:

  • Universal access to safe drinking water and adequate water sanitation.
  • Establishing and strengthening organizations and infrastructure for the sustainable management of water resources.
  • Coordinating fair, sustainable and appropriate distribution of water between users.

Financial Loss

Water loss and bad sanitation raise water supply services operating costs, and impede their improvement. Leaks and contamination complicate waste water systems sustainable management. Therefore, water loss from distribution systems and poor water sanitation deserves appropriate actions to reduce stress on scarce water resources through implementation of strategies and technologies to control leakage and contamination.

Environmental Damage

Besides saving water and energy resources, water loss reduction can reduce pollution to freshwater systems. Investment in water loss reduction improves customer satisfaction and redirects resources for management of more advanced sectors.

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