EC-AQUA: Targets and Impact

Target groups benefit from:

  • Intensive support for their motivation for learning.
  • Implementation of 15 good practices for qualification assessment.
  • e-based competence map and multilingual e-portal.
  • e-scheme for Qualification Ranking Record and instructions on practicalities.
  • EC-AQUA training programme based on online and offline learning methods.
  • Up to 10 Learning Outcomes with 1 – 6 units each.
  • 10 Learning Pathways and Short Intensive Courses.
  • ECVET evaluation plan awarding credit points.
  • Exemplary documents.


Target sectors benefit from:

  • Sectoral network and organization of 6 workshops.
  • Validation of the EC-AQUA products and organization of 6 testing events at sectoral level.
  • Embedding of project results in related sectors.
  • Multilingual dissemination materials: a booklet, two leaflets; two posters; website information, and others.


Regional development benefits from:

  • Standardized user-centered VET learning paths.
  • 10 qualifications descriptions in the field of EC-AQUA to be introduced into the educational and industrial sectors in Bulgaria, Austria, France and Turkey.
  • Globally accessible EC-AQUA e-portal.
  • Tests and certificates offered to 150 trainees from Bulgaria, Austria, France and Turkey.
  • EC-AQUA national workshops for presentation of the EC-AQUA outcomes.
  • 6 international workshops with participation of broader audience.
  • Cluster activity with similar initiative for further application of the EC-AQUA model.
  • Introduction of numerous EU initiatives, such as LLP, ERASMUS; South-East Europe, Seventh Framework Programme, and others.

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