EC-AQUA: New Directions

The EC-AQUA Scheme Heads for New Directions, such as:

New target groups

The EC-AQUA qualification recognition model is targeted at teachers, trainers, learning facilitators, guidance professionals, schools and other institutions, managers, political decision makers.

New sectors

Chemical and eco-engineering, environmental protection, biotechnology, healthcare, food industry need professionals with relevant and updated qualifications approved following the EC-AQUA path.

New geographical regions

The project involves two neighboring countries Bulgaria and Turkey, and fosters cooperation between these two Balkan countries and two old EU members (Austria and France). The qualification guide EC-AQUA is disseminated into neighboring states with EU pre-accession status, such as FYRMacedonia, Albania, to allow transfer of the EU policy in VET system.

New languages

The overall EU-AQUA project activities enhance language diversity. Multilingual products, prepared in Bulgarian, German, English, French and Turkish, gives a new logic of the EC-AQUA program.

New subjects

The EU-AQUA project increases target groups specific knowledge in sanitation and water loss. The program and qualifications descriptions are equally accessible to men and women, taking into account the specific input of women in the use and manipulation of water.

New institutional cooperation

The EC-AQUA partnership between various institutions and national authorities contributes to the process of regulation, transparency and recognition of qualifications at national and European level.

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