Our Achievements

The EC-AQUA project offers new strategy and content for training of teachers/trainers and professionals in the Water Supply and Management sector and strongly impacts the vocational training system and practices in national scale trough: introduction of innovative approach in structuring the learning programme, implementation of IT based tools for education of VET professionals at sectoral level, use of formal/non-formal training approach with the goal to improve the quality of qualifications and competences of VET professionals, and transfer of innovative training content to increase the proficiency of specialists in the target and related sectors. The specific structural organisation of the programme is designed to fit the requirements of VET system and EQF, comprising the obligatory elements of Learning Outcomes description: knowledge, skills and wider competence. This set of elements is organised in a way that can be assessed and validated. The assessment is performed through application of specifically elaborated self-assessment tests designed purposefully for each LO element. Thus the EC-AQUA project introduced the best practice in vocational education and training, and assisted in increasing the transparency and transferability of competence acquired.

Who we are


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